The Weekly Yax #6: The Champions Table

The Weekly Yax is the easiest way to keep up with the yAxis Project.

Every Sunday, we highlight major news and developments, alongside key takeaways from the week’s episode of Ya Herd?

Major News & Developments

Ya Herd? Week #6 Key Takeaways

  1. Motivation for the Champions Table: The Champions Table serves to complement The Great Harvest by offering largely non-financial incentives for all members of the yAxis ecosystem — stakers, LPs, and MetaVault users. Based upon community feedback, the Champions Table is open to all Herd members, regardless of when they joined the Project.

The full recording of this week’s episode can be found here.

yAxis Project Stats of the Week

  1. MetaVault TVL $58 million, earning 36% APY.

Community Content Spotlight

Flashback to week 3 of the Weekly Yax, where we highlighted Bakou’s efforts to help yAxis communicate the buybacks from MetaVault revenue. Thanks to Bakou’s hard work, the buyback tracker is now complete and integrated into the yAxis Project Discord.

Pop in the #buyback-tracker channel to see the tracker in action. An example message is shown below. The yAxis Project is lucky to have such an engaged community committed to driving its growth and future success.

Join Us: Bounties & Jobs

Coordinated by the yAxis Champions Programme, the yAxis Bounty Board lists requests for proposals (RFPs), where community members can respond to specific Project needs and receive compensation upon task completion. See the current opportunities below and check the Bounty Board frequently as more opportunities will be added over time.

If none of the current opportunities appeal to you, but you would still like to contribute, reach out to You have the opportunity to shape the next era of yAxis.

That concludes the sixth edition of The Weekly Yax. Thank you for reading and looking forward to many more!

Onward and upward, Yax Herd!



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