The Great Harvest & Winter Stash

yAxis Project
3 min readMay 9, 2021

The Great Harvest was announced a couple of weeks ago as a way to reward early Bulls who share our long-term vision. After community discussion and input on the Forum, we’re pleased to announce the mechanics.

Let’s hear the details.


  • 200k tokens distributed via a Merkle Drop in August.
  • 600k tokens added to the Era 2 gauges.
  • 200k tokens in the Winter Stash programme. (see below)
  • Cutoff date: Saturday, 15th May, 23:59 UTC.

Merkle Drop

To be eligible for a share of the 200k token drop, you must be staked from before the cutoff date (15th May) through to the end of Era 1 (17th July).

Any transfer of YAXIS out of the wallet will disqualify that address.

You can claim rewards, you can stake rewards, you can transfer in or buy extra. But any transfer out, which includes selling rewards or any amount of principal will automatically void the address.

You can unstake. But as soon as the tokens leave the address, even once, you’re out. Transferring in past the cutoff date will not renew eligibility.

Each eligible address will receive a portion of the 200k tokens relative to their staked amount at time of drop. This will be weighted, so smaller accounts benefit more— similar to our quadratic voting formula.

Only the strongest Champions will share this prize in August.

Era 2 Gauges

The majority of the Harvest (600k tokens) will be distributed over 3 months to YAXIS stakers.

The gauges gives holders the chance to lock up their tokens for a chosen period of time. The longer they lock, the more they receive.

The extra 600k tokens will restore high APY as per Era 1 launch, and be a draw for those receiving the Merkle Drop to lock it in.

Importantly, it also simulates the Harvest being vested over 3 months.

The Winter Stash

On the first day of Autumn Era 1, it’s time to launch our ‘Winter Stash’ programme.

The Winter Stash incentivises YAXIS stakers and LPs who are planning to farm up until the Great Harvest and beyond.

Increased APY will be available from tonight on both pools. This also offsets the recent gas costs, enabling smaller accounts to regularly compound.

Similarly, each season a further tranche will be added. Something to look forward to, and keep in mind.

Compounding is powerful. Bulls who have been growing their stack will notice the difference each time the Winter Stash programme kicks in.

We’ll see you in the fields! We hope to see many of you share the Great Harvest.