The Champions Table

yAxis Project
3 min readMay 27, 2021


Recent market action saw a cascade of liquidations in BTC, ETH and especially LINK — in no small part due to overleveraged DeFi users on platforms such as Aave. These events made another strong case for the Canonical Vaults, where users can place their assets under the responsible management of a strategist with 24/7 oversight. With 7 weeks of Era 1 to go until that much anticipated launch, what better way to get comfortable than by taking a seat at the Champions Table? Let’s dig in.

The Champions Table is an initiative that is designed to reward early supporters of yAxis. Whereas Great Harvest incentives are strictly financial, Champions Table incentives are largely non-financial. Per community feedback, Champions Table rewards and prizes will for the most part be available to anyone contributing to the yAxis ecosystem. This makes it inclusive to MetaVault users and liquidity providers, while also allowing Era 1 newcomers to join us down the line. No need to fill in a pledge form or be mindful of deadlines — everyone can participate at any time.

End of Era Awards
One component of the Champions Table will be a special award show at the End of Era 1. A package of exclusive prizes is being prepared for those who contributed the most to the community, and a select few who have done the impossible on-chain. Additionally, a set of prizes will be awarded to users of the Canonical Vaults in celebration of Era 2. More details on the prizes and how to win them will be unveiled as we close in on July 17.

Calling All Creative Minds
Our regular quizzes and button hunts on Discord have been received well. The Champions Table adds yet another way to participate and earn rewards through a series of design contests. Do you have a creative touch, or do you consider yourself an art connoisseur? Look no further!

These contests are going to be centered entirely around the yAxis Herd. The designs will be community-sourced and all voting will be performed by YAXIS holders on Snapshot. Naturally, the designs that win the contests will be incorporated in those special rewards exclusive to Champions Table participants.

A ‘Cointest’
We’re kicking off the Champions Table with the first design contest. Everyone in the Herd is invited to help design our very own physical yAxis coin. This only concerns the visual design of a coin, heads and tails, so don’t worry if you haven’t got minting equipment at home! With a runtime of 2 weeks, there should be plenty of time for participants to deliver designs, which will be followed up by a week of community voting.

So what’s on the line? The winning designer will receive the following prizes:

  • $2,500 worth of YAXIS tokens, sponsored by the Champions Programme treasury
  • The first ever yAxis coin to be minted with their custom-made design
  • A share of prizes from future contests and more…

More details and specifications will be released when the contest officially starts this Saturday the 29th of May. Stay tuned!