yAxis v3 Launches On Avalanche Network (AVAX)

yAxis ETH <> AVAX UI Updates

Avalanche and DeFi

Bridge YAXIS From Ethereum To Avalanche

  • Configure your web 3.0 wallet to use Avalanche network
  • [Optional] Bridge tokens from Ethereum using multichain.org
  • [Optional] Buy tokens on Avalanche, using traderjoe.xyz
  • Set your wallet to Avalanche network and visit and log into yaxis.io

1. Setup MetaMask For Avalanche Network

  1. X-Chain — the exchange chain
  2. P-Chain — Platform chain and
  3. C-Chain — contract chain.
  1. Open Metamask
  2. Click on the Network selection dropdown box

2. How To Use Multichain Bridge

3. Start Using yAxis v3 On Avalanche!



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