yAxis Partner Programme

yAxis Project
3 min readJul 18, 2021

The yAxis Partner Programme is designed to allow qualified projects — large depositors or high-volume referral sources — to commit their capital and earn a share of the revenue associated with their deposits.

Revenue Share

The value proposition for Partners is clear. Deposit or refer a significant amount of TVL into the yAxis vaults, lock up the capital, and receive a revenue share from the yield generated.

If you are interested in becoming a Partner or would like to learn more about the Programme, please reach out to waali@yaxis.io.

The value proposition for YAXIS holders is also compelling. With the Partner Programme poised to attract new pools of capital to the vaults, yAxis will generate more aggregate revenue.

The benefits of this revenue are two-fold. (1) Revenue supports YAXIS and is distributed to stakers, who govern the vaults and (2) Higher YAXIS token price leads to greater vault rewards, enabling the vaults to support even more TVL and produce more revenue.

This powerful reflexivity is shown in the graphic below.

As a result, the Partner Programme, in addition to v3 Gauges, will drive value accrual and utility to YAXIS, benefitting early supporters who have been farming tokens.

The behavioral incentives built into Gauges and restrictions on selling YAXIS rewards with the Partner Programme will also help limit selling pressure and create more favorable conditions for the YAXIS token.

A Proven Model

When Yearn Finance initially introduced their partner program in March, their TVL was less than $1.5 billion (see the star on the chart below). Today, Yearn’s TVL sits at $3.7 billion, growing nearly 150% during this time.

While some of this growth could be attributed to developments in Yearn’s product offerings and increasing traction across the DeFi landscape, the partner program, driven by a flurry of new applicants, certainly played a pivotal role in this TVL explosion.

yAxis is implementing its Partner Programme with the goal of driving similar results — expanding its reach, boosting TVL, and catalyzing revenue growth. The Project is excited to add this latest effort to its toolkit when marketing to institutional capital, DeFi protocol treasuries, and other substantial depositors and referral sources.

Alignment with yAxis’s Existing Approach

With the addition of the Partner Programme, yAxis continues its approach of leveraging the best of DeFi, all under one roof. Our “top-of-stack” yield position allows us to capitalize on innovation across the DeFi landscape.

Our implementation of Curve Finance-style Gauges in v3 enables us to benefit from a successful tokenomic model. And now, our latest venture, the Partner Programme, utilizes a proven business model to generate incentives for explosive TVL and revenue growth.

All of these components, in conjunction with leading security and robust community, position yAxis for continued success.

Please contact waali@yaxis.io for more information.