yAxis <> NumisMe — Merger

What happens next

  • Rebrand yAxis UI to NumisMe
  • Launch token “swap” contract and UI
  • Stand-up new social channels
  • Finalize emissions schedule
  • Begin work on technology overhaul for Retail and Pro NumisMe products (more on that below)
  • Emissions will no longer be topped up. veYAXIS rewards will cease effective immediately.

Swap details:

  • Unlocked YAXIS — NUME:YAXIS = 6:1
  • Locked YAXIS — NUME:YAXIS = 6:1, plus an additional 3:1 for time locked (up to an aggregate 9:1 for max locked YAXIS)
  • Unclaimed rewards will not be “swapped”
  • Uncirculating supply will not be “swapped” (ie. the Treasury)
  • Locked YAXIS (veYAXIS) will remain locked for the remainder individual lock periods. Upon lock expiry, YAXIS will be available.

The future of the yAxis DAO:

  • The current DAO council will be open to proposals from the community
  • If vetted and approved per yAxis DAO bylaws by the Council, proposals would be posted to the forum for discussion and consideration
  • Willing to take responsibility of the platform going forward
  • Tell us a bit about yourself and why you think we should handover the project to you.
  • Your proposed team and their backgrounds
  • A detailed capital management plan and how you intend to fund the project
  • Your roadmap for the project for the next 6–12 months
  • Need to confirm a resourcing plan

The New NumisMe — Powered by yAxis

Real-world utility & Dual incentives

Serving Retail & Pro users

Just one more thing — LP Double-Up Program!

The future is brighter than ever



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