yAxis Community Forum

Why a Community Forum?

Knowledge and insights shared on Discord can quickly get buried and lost amongst the steady stream of new content.

Our community is vocal and produces insightful content that at times does not receive the exposure it truly deserves.

Our goal is simple, we want the Forum to become the collective memory for the entire yAxis Community.

The Forum will help with:

  • Governance proposals.
  • Focussed general discussions.
  • Vault strategy councils.
  • Token emissions schedules.
  • Bounties & jobs board
Hosting Governance

How to participate?

Anyone can view topics and replies without an account. Simply go the Community Forum here, explore the categories or search for a specific topic.

To ask a new question or reply to existing topics, you’ll need to create a new community account.

How is the yAxis Forum organised?

All topics fall under one of the following categories. When you post a new question, make sure to select the correct category as explained here:

  • Welcome — Start here: How-To’s, official resources and FAQ’s can all be found here.
  • Announcements: A place for our team to announce new features, product updates and events.
  • Governance: Submit your ideas for improving yAxis. A new vault, strategy, or tinkering with governance; all ideas are welcome.
  • Request for Proposals: Take a look at our RFP’s (request for proposal) and see how you can help grow, and help improve yAxis.
  • Jobs Board: We’re hiring! Come and join the team and contribute to the success of yAxis.
  • Tech & Development: From feedback to bugs, to all things geek, this category is dedicated to the tech behind the project.
  • General Discussion: Can’t find a suitable category, but you have something to say. This is the place for you.
Forum Homepage

Now it’s your turn! Go ahead and post your first topic or question on the forum.

Head over to: https://yaxis.discourse.group/

The team is looking forward to seeing you there 👋

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