Welcome to Era 3 & Roadmap!

Multi-chain deployments

What is it? Whilst Ethereum is the largest platform for DeFi, other platforms have risen in popularity this cycle, several of which are Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible. Some are competing L1s, whilst others position themselves as L2 scaling solutions for ETH.

Borrow/Lending Feature

What is it? Loans are the oldest financial products and also a key part of the crypto space too. Some of the original DeFi yields were from supplying assets for others to borrow on platforms like Aave.

Concept only. Token names etc are not decided.

Protocol Owned Liquidity

What is it? Most DeFi platforms rely on DEX’s like Uniswap or SushiSwap to enable trading of their token.

Expanded Vaults

What is it? We currently have 5 vaults attached to our gauge system, competing for a share of emissions. Adding extra vaults built on top of Convex would attract more TVL.

Fee Distribution

What is it? Locked YAXIS holders (veYAXIS) earn a share of the platform fees. This will be done through a bi-weekly Merkle Drop on the Governance Tab.

DAO Transition

What is it? Many new platforms are fairly centrally directed in the early days to streamline the initial development and focus. As that vision is achieved, the DAO is in a position to handle more responsibility, and determine new directions without slowing progress.

Financial Reporting

What is it? We’ve put together a financial report on where we stand in terms of emissions schedules, and where the tokens have been spent so far.

yAxis World

What is it? A multi-player realm where we can host DAO events and interact in a more involved way.



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