Token Swap Day

yAxis Project
3 min readApr 17, 2021

A huge milestone for the yAxis Project.

Thanks to everyone for their support and welcome to the next Era of yAxis!

$YAXIS Contract Address: 0x0ada190c81b814548ddc2f6adc4a689ce7c1fe73


Uniswap v2 Pair:

Please only use official sources for interacting. Be safe!

Instructions & FAQ for the swap:

Our handy interactive, clickable component will guide you through the steps to claim, swap and provide LP. Head over to to get started.

There are 24 hours before rewards start, there’s no rush. Pick a time with low gas prices.

NOTE: You can already stake your YAXIS and LP tokens in the new rewards contracts. Recommended to do this at time of swap so you don’t forget.

NOTE: sYAXIS becomes YAXIS only. You must stake it as other holders.

NOTE: There is no “sYAXIS” token returned to your wallet. It all happens within the contract now.


  1. The team is busy updating Coingecko, Metamask, CMC, DeFi Pulse/Llama etc. This may take a few days to facilitate. Hang tight.
  2. The UI may see some inconsistencies due to the swap. E.g ‘Lifetime earnings’ and APY calcs. These will be working before rewards start tomorrow. Bear with us.

Patch Notes

The UI is updated with some nice improvements as well for the start of Era 1.

Growth Projections

Holders can now see balance projections based on the current APY for 1month, 6 months and 12 months.

Compounding returns

Profile Dropdown

The account profile has been expanded with some nice-to-haves. This is also where the recent Gitbook / Help Center is linked.

Wallet Support

We’ve added wallet support for:

Coinbase, Lattice, Frame, Authereum, Magic, Portis, Torus, Ledger, Trezor.

Trust, Argent and Fortmatic wallets are coming shortly.

Quality Inspection

We’ve tidied up 15 minor items such as padding, or slight misalignments to give an overall more polished feel. Mobile design is in process too.

Global Stats

Users now don’t need to connect wallets to see global stats such as TVL.

Vault -> Stake

When claiming rewards, a popup shows the compounded YAXIS staking rewards with a CTA button to do so.


Reminder that MetaVault rewards don’t start until the 24th. There is also no need to withdraw funds. You will continue to earn from the strategy.

MVLT token: Next week — MetaVault users will have to stake their MVLT tokens in the new rewards contract. This is guided and shown in the UI.

Now get to swapping! Is this your first ERC-677 token? Congrats on upgrading.

See you all tomorrow for the start of farming season. We’re all in this together.

The yAxis Team