The yAxis Champions Programme

yAxis originated as a community-owned & community-run Project. The yAxis Champions Programme ensures it stays that way.

The Champions Programme is designed to incentivize community contributions to the Project. “Champs” will help drive engagement in the community, boost awareness of yAxis, and ensure the Community Bounty Board is always churning.

Because 5% of the new YAXIS supply is allocated to fund the Champions Programme, it provides community members with another avenue — in addition to staking, LPing, and depositing in the vault — to create value for both the yAxis Project and for themselves.

Democratization of access is core to yAxis’ mission. The Project is happy to work with anyone, regardless of wallet balance or anonymity. Passion and merit above all else.

yAxis Champions Programme Objectives

  1. Foster a vibrant, resilient community.

Meet Your Current Champs

Ae was introduced to yAxis through a fellow Chainlink community member. He had been looking for a decentralized home for his digital assets, so the team’s final vision of v3’s canonical vaults intrigued him. But it was their security-first focus in a sea of unaudited and rushed products that really made him fall in love. He has since occupied himself with spurring the community to action and making silly memes. He aims to use his role in the Champions Programme to create a thriving herd across social media platforms to spread the word about yAxis.

@Cold Summer

Cold Summer was initially drawn to the yAxis Champions Programme because he believed in the ethos of yAxis’ fair-launch, community-run origin story. In addition to yAxis aligning with his values, he recognized the talent of the development team driving the project and wanted to help others come to that same recognition. He enjoys educating and interacting with the community (while continuing to learn himself) with the goal of growing and strengthening the Yax Herd. He plans to contribute to content and messaging around yAxis’ competitive advantages and build mutually beneficial relationships between yAxis and other projects within the DeFi ecosystem.


Waali joined the yAxis community in November last year and has been here ever since. He is a strong believer of the team’s vision and its ability to execute on its promises which has drawn him to the yAxis Champions Programme. Waali is a consultant with global experience working with top blue chip organizations and plans to contribute by managing the operations side of yAxis by “Getting things done”. He looks forward to working with the community and making yAxis a trusted name in the industry.

The Bounty Board is powered by Trello

Getting Involved: yAxis Bounty Board

Coordinated by the yAxis Champions Programme, the yAxis Bounty Board lists requests for proposals (RFPs) where community members can respond to specific Project needs, such as the creation of a tutorial video, or job opportunities, such as a graphic designer, with a proposal outlining how they would fulfil these requests.

Each request has an accompanying bounty to compensate the yAxis community member upon task completion. These incentives ensure that the tasks are completed with diligence and punctuality, while also allowing contributors to grow their slice of the pie, driving mutual benefit for both community members and the Project.

As mentioned at the outset, yAxis is happy to work with anyone who has the skills and enthusiasm to contribute.

Positions and bounties available

Current Opportunities

Below is a list of the current opportunities (RFPs) from the yAxis Community Bounty Board. Check the Bounty Board regularly as new items will be added over time.


  • Graphic Designer Role

Content Bounties:

  • yAxis UI Tutorial Videos

Marketing Bounties:

  • Exchanges

Developer Bounties:

  • Develop CRV Strategies on yearn v2

If you have an idea or would like to contribute in an area not listed above, yAxis would still love to hear from you!

Join Us

Whether you are interested in becoming a yAxis Champ or completing a task on the Bounty Board, the yAxis Champions Programme offers community members a unique opportunity.

If you are a believer in the Project but lack the resources to acquire YAXIS tokens, this is your chance to start your stack. If you are a passionate holder, this is your chance to not only grow your stack, but create value for the Project such that each individual token appreciates.

Reflexive democratization. Powerful.

You have the opportunity to shape the next era of yAxis. Reach out to us on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, or to learn more.

Onward and upward, Yax Herd!



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