The Weekly Yax #18: v3 Launch Strategy

  1. 12 out of 14 community members indicated support for a guarded launch prior to the completion of a formal audit.
  2. 2 of these 12 specifically stated their preference for starting the guarded launch today before Code 423n4 or similar peer review.
  3. 2 out of 14 community members indicated preference for peer review and audit before launch.
  4. 3 out of 14 mentioned their desire to ensure the Great Harvest merkle drop happens this month, while 1 out of 14 mentioned not minding waiting until v3 launch.
  1. Complete a Code423n4 or similar peer review prior to a guarded launch with a TVL cap. Some sort of incentive mechanism, such as a lower performance fee, could be a tool to help bootstrap the guarded launch.
  2. Launch the v3 Canonical Vaults fully without a TVL cap following the completion of the formal audit.
  1. MetaVault TVL $3.2 million.
  2. YAXIS staking 48% APY (40% APR) and LP 211% APY (119% APR).
  3. Over 525 YAXIS bought back with MetaVault revenue this week for distribution in The Great Harvest.




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yAxis Project

yAxis Project

DeFi made easy

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