The MetaVault


APY figures shown with daily compounding

Getting Started

  1. Convert your stables to Curve 3pool (3CRV)

    Your wallet will now hold the 3CRV token (contract address: 0x6c3f90f043a72fa612cbac8115ee7e52bde6e490). You will receive approximately one 3CRV for each stablecoin you deposited.
  2. Approve/Deposit your 3CRV to the MetaVault

    You now receive MVLT tokens (contract address: 0xBFbEC72F2450eF9Ab742e4A27441Fa06Ca79eA6a). These represent your share of the MetaVault.
  3. Approve/Stake your MVLT to begin earning emissions

USD Yield Farming

Flow of funds

Canonical Vaults



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