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4 min readApr 24, 2021


The MetaVault is yAxis’ flagship product. This is the heart of what we do; a yield farming portfolio that secures attractive returns. #farmthedip

Our core innovation is the ability to plug multiple strategies in at once, and move capital around like a traditional fund manager would do to control risk/reward.

Let’s take a quick look at the evolution:

The first iteration simply took a hardcoded yield strategy and sprinkled some $YAX on top, this was released back in October:

The second iteration enabled the pluggable multi-strategies that we use today and was released in February:

Today, we are revamping the vault with deployment of the Yearn Finance USDC and DAI strategies alongside added incentives that will attract significant TVL.

Why is this important? The more TVL we can attract, the more farming rewards are harvested. The better the strategies, the higher the profits.

If you’re new to yAxis or if you haven’t had the time to dive into the docs (we know it’s been a hectic week…), this is your chance to learn more.


Starting approximately 2pm ET: The MetaVault will have 1 million tokens distributed over the next 12 weeks.

The APY in the vaults is heavily dependent on the price of $YAXIS and the amount of TVL sharing the rewards.

APY figures shown with daily compounding

These returns are industry leading for a single-asset, risk-free USD stablecoin vault and are competitive even at high levels of TVL.

Getting Started

Our updated UI is designed to make the new process as easy to follow as possible.

  1. Convert your stables to Curve 3pool (3CRV)

    Your wallet will now hold the 3CRV token (contract address: 0x6c3f90f043a72fa612cbac8115ee7e52bde6e490). You will receive approximately one 3CRV for each stablecoin you deposited.
  2. Approve/Deposit your 3CRV to the MetaVault

    You now receive MVLT tokens (contract address: 0xBFbEC72F2450eF9Ab742e4A27441Fa06Ca79eA6a). These represent your share of the MetaVault.
  3. Approve/Stake your MVLT to begin earning emissions

USD Yield Farming

yAxis today kickstarts rewards to the vault, incentivising users to deposit and earn across the soon deployed Yearn finance USDC and DAI strategies.

What’s more, depositors can stake their YAXIS rewards to compound earning power. With Staking APY currently at >5000%, users can quickly grow their account balances and grab a seat for the Great Harvest event coming in August.

Vault incentives will last for at least a year and are worth switching into.

Anticipating this milestone, a recent 400% increase in deposits brings the platform to over $50M TVL before launch.

Flow of funds

Backed to succeed by the 0x_b1 account, security of funds is the top priority.

The vault has been audited by both Quantstamp and Haechi and has been subject to a public bug bounty for several months. In addition, the vault does not allow smart contract interactions, preventing flash loan attacks or other innovative exploits.

Finally, these funds are monitored 24/7 to give depositors the peace of mind to realise safe passive income. We do the work, so you don’t have to.

Read more about how it works:

Canonical Vaults

yAxis is building towards their Canonical Vaults launch in July which will extend support to BTC, ETH and LINK.

95% of digital assets are not yet leveraging DeFi, deeming it too confusing or risky to get involved. The Canonical Vaults are much anticipated within these communities who don’t have many options for attractive yield.

Through a dip, capital preservation and yield farming are expected to see growing demand.

We look forward to this journey through the Eras and we push down our roadmap.




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