Journey through the Eras

What is yAxis?

Welcome to Era 1

Era 2: July 17th — Oct 17th

Why hold YAXIS?

  1. The high emissions going to stakers will reward token holders with exponential gains in terms of number of tokens.
  2. The revenue buybacks coupled with high APY, will see continuous price support of the token.
  3. Governing strategies, emissions, and key expenditure via our platforms.

Value Proposition

Staking rewards: Auto-compound YAXIS for exponential gains

Key Messages

  1. High emissions are sustained and can be compounded over a year, creating exponential gains. It is worth switching funds to yAxis.
  2. The TVL generates revenue that puts continuous buy pressure on the token. All holders have to do is stay strong, creating a supply squeeze.
  3. The stronger we hold, the more TVL we can attract. Buybacks accelerate.
  4. Era 1 focus should be to farm as much as you can. Own a big a piece of that end-game pie.
Era 3: Oct 17th — January 16th ‘22

What’s coming next?

  • AMAR v1 — Auto-Monitor and Response system
  • Personal and fund historic performance charts
  • Automated harvests
  • Fiat-on-ramps
  • BTC bridge
  • Night mode UI
Era 4: Jan 16th — April 15th ‘22

End-Game Vision




DeFi made easy

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yAxis Project

yAxis Project

DeFi made easy

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