Journey through the Eras

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5 min readApr 18, 2021


The realm awakens…. it’s farming season. #WAGMI

Join $YAXIS in a journey through the Eras. A four part story that takes us from Medieval times through to futuristic machina.

The 17th of April marked an exciting date for us: not only did we upgrade our token to the ERC-677 standard, we also enter the first of these Eras. Each Era comes with an abundance of new features, initiatives and opportunities.

We have so much lined up for next week already.

And Era 2 is just twelve weeks away, which is a game-changing evolution in itself.

What is yAxis?

yAxis’ goal is to makes DeFi easy and accessible.

Our first product (already live), the MetaVault is a top of stack, yield farming portfolio. Users deposit USD stablecoins and the vault puts it to work across other aggregators and strategies such as Yearn, Idle, Curve etc.

The vault can split and allocate capital around seamlessly between protocols to secure attractive long-term returns. Monitored 24/7 for your peace of mind; We do the work, you enjoy the rewards.

Next we’re extending this to BTC, ETH and LINK deposits to obtain industry leading returns on these single-asset vaults.

Welcome to Era 1

Era 1 sees us roll up into a new realm. The first period is about opportunity; Both for us and holders, positioning the DAO for long-term success.

High growth, high rewards. Pushing development and building community. Sound good? Here’s what we’re delivering at the start of Era 1:

1️⃣ Token Swap | ERC-677 | $YAXIS

An ERC-677 token gives us a key advantage: the transferAndCall function. Users no longer have to ‘approve’ and pay in a prior transaction to staking.

This halves the costs of entry for smaller account holders in DeFi.

2️⃣ New Emissions | Rocket Fuel

Pumping 2 million tokens into the DAO. Primarily token holders, and vault users will kick start high growth trajectory.

Farm, earn and stake as much as you can before Era 2.

3️⃣ Multi-Strategy MetaVault

Deploying a mixture of Yearn, Dydx, Pickle, Idle, Stabilize, Flamincome and Curve strategies through the Era; Diversification controls risk.

Better strategies = more income = more buy backs.

4️⃣ Champions Programme

The heavily funded Champions Programme provides community members with bounties and jobs to create value for yAxis and for themselves.

The bounty board can be found here.

5️⃣ Forum & Resources

To host an active, growing community we have unveiled a forum for focussed discussions that can otherwise get lost on Discord. Alongside is a comprehensive resources and documentation repository through Gitbook.

Community Forum — — Resources Gitbook

Era 2: July 17th — Oct 17th

Why hold YAXIS?

In the first Era, there are three main reasons to hold:

  1. The high emissions going to stakers will reward token holders with exponential gains in terms of number of tokens.
  2. The revenue buybacks coupled with high APY, will see continuous price support of the token.
  3. Governing strategies, emissions, and key expenditure via our platforms.

Value Proposition

In subsequent Eras, things get much more exciting as we transition towards institutional capital depositing in the vaults at scale.

In Era 2 — holders will get the chance to boost their emissions even further through a locking mechanism and vote for specific vaults to receive higher rewards.

In Era 3 onwards — Token holders act as decentralised fund managers that earn a slice of the revenue from a DAO-directed portfolio. The more TVL, and the better managed it is, the more revenue you share.

End-Game — Holding the token is a passive income stream, to escape the daily grind without needing millions of dollars in savings.

Era 1 is an opportunity to farm a big piece of this end-game institutional pie. It’s 12 weeks until Era 2; 12 weeks to farm your way in.

Staking rewards: Auto-compound YAXIS for exponential gains

Key Messages

  1. High emissions are sustained and can be compounded over a year, creating exponential gains. It is worth switching funds to yAxis.
  2. The TVL generates revenue that puts continuous buy pressure on the token. All holders have to do is stay strong, creating a supply squeeze.
  3. The stronger we hold, the more TVL we can attract. Buybacks accelerate.
  4. Era 1 focus should be to farm as much as you can. Own a big a piece of that end-game pie.
Era 3: Oct 17th — January 16th ‘22

What’s coming next?

Excited about Era 1? Wait until you see what Era 2 has in store for us. The Era is accompanied by the launch of yAxis’ long awaited Canonical Vaults. These vaults will allow users to deposit digital assets other than stablecoins: BTC, ETH, and LINK, for starters. Other features:

  • AMAR v1 — Auto-Monitor and Response system
  • Personal and fund historic performance charts
  • Automated harvests
  • Fiat-on-ramps
  • BTC bridge
  • Night mode UI

More strategies & more vaults means higher TVL & bigger buybacks.

So to conclude: don’t sit still during Era 1! Farm YAXIS through emissions and earn more through bounties and roles to increase your claim on the profits.

Era 1 is where champs are forged. Era 2 they reap the rewards.

Era 4: Jan 16th — April 15th ‘22

End-Game Vision

We are building institutional-grade vaults for institutional capital with a mature risk management outlook. A decentralised version of BlockFi or Celsius — where everyone can fully leverage the value of their assets.

The Canonical Vaults aren’t necessarily for the expert farmer, they are for the 95% of crypto assets who aren’t already in DeFi. And for the trillions of dollars worldwide locked up in TradFi earning negligible interest.

In a world beyond emissions, we will offer a ‘vanguard-like’ experience for retail and professional investors. Adding enterprise-level security practices, insurance and monitoring and response systems alongside a diverse stable a cutting-edge strategies.

As professional entities start to dip their toes into DeFi, we want to be their first option. yAxis aims to make DeFi easy and accessible, safely stewarding funds to preserve and grow capital.

The yAxis Team