Introducing the Canonical Vaults and yAxis v3 Launch

V3 Summary

  • Five asset based vaults supported on launch. Underlying assets are Chainlink (LINK), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Curve 3pool (3CRV) yAxis (YAXIS).
  • Deposit digital assets into vaults to earn base yield and YAXIS rewards.
  • Locking YAXIS tokens returns Voting Power, allowing users to Boost APR, and influence YAXIS reward distribution.
  • Locked YAXIS gives a share of platform fees.


The Basics

Take Control

Locked YAXIS

Vote for Distribution

V3 Strategies

YAXIS Rewards

Vault Security

  • C4 (Code 423n4) smart contract audit competition.
    The $60k audit contest ran between the 9th and 15th of September. Thirteen security researchers submitted 88 unique findings to the audit.
  • Each of the C4 findings have been critically assessed by the yAxis development team, resulting in either patches, fixes or updates to the underlying protocol architecture. Details can be found at yAxis’ Github.
  • Tier 1 Smart Contract audit from Haechi. The Haechi Audit was carried out post C4 audit and discovered 2 minor issues.
  • Ongoing $85K ImmuneFi bug bounty.
  • Participation in ImmuneFi’s War room crisis response hotline.

v3 Vault UI

  • Your Boost multiplier for each vault doesn’t update until you interact with it. I.e you either claim, deposit or withdraw from that vault.
  • The vote for rewards distribution happens every Wednesday.
  • Locking YAXIS, and voting on rewards all costs gas; think before you act!
  • A Boost calculator in the UI allows you to plan how much YAXIS to lock to save costly experimenting.
  • Your Voting Power drops over time.


What’s next for yAxis?

  • Partnership with Olympus Pro for protocol owned liquidity.
  • Borrow/Lending feature based on an Alchemix fork.
  • Multi-chain universe, deployment on other EVM-compatible chains.
  • Many more vaults and assets supported.
  • Transition to a full-DAO.
  • yAxis Meta-verse launch.




DeFi made easy

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yAxis Project

yAxis Project

DeFi made easy

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