Gauges in v3



  1. Ability to withdraw your principal YAXIS. Previously you’d have to lock your stack in for up to a year, which meant no access to funds which may become vital to an individual in unforeseen circumstances.
  2. To future proof the platform. We want to eventually use YAXIS like a vault and have a yield strategy attached to it on top of emissions.
  3. Align tokenomics across token holders. The purpose of the gauges is to incentivise users to lock in through competition. By maintaining a separate YAXIS lock (with higher APY), it dilutes the importance of it.
  4. Users can potentially earn more from one larger reward pool.
  5. Creating a smoother transition of emissions over time towards those willing to lock rather than trying to balance two sets of users.


C4 Audit

Update on launch




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yAxis Project

DeFi made easy

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