Financial & Emissions Report

Emissions Schedule

  1. 4 million (36.4%) tokens to the community (staking + LP). 4 million (36.4%) tokens to vault users. 800k (7.3%) tokens flexibly to maintain balance.
  2. The Bounty Programme gets 500k (4.5%) tokens behind it for marketing, partnerships, initiatives, exchanges, and content.
  3. 400k (3.6%) tokens towards a development fund for building.
  4. 300k (2.7%) tokens to the team.

Day 231 of a 365 day schedule.



Partnerships & Bounties/Audit ($254k)

  • ImmuneFi ($61k)
  • War Room ($20k)
  • Messari ($20k)
  • 1inch ($20k)
  • C4 Audit Prize Pools ($60k)
  • C4 Audit Fees (18k)
  • Other Audits ($56k)

Operating ($486k)

  • Developer Contractors ($74k)
  • Security Researchers ($7k)
  • Harvest Gas Costs (~$30k)
  • Contract Deployment V2 and V3 ($75k in ETH)
  • Mainnet V3 Testing ($15k in ETH)
  • Incorrect Harvest Error ($35k)
  • Slippage Error Compensation (~$250k)

Marketing ($142.5k)

  • Influencers & Press ($43.5k)
  • Merchandise ($4k)
  • Art Contests ($1,700)
  • Tipbots ($17.5k)
  • DeFi Pulse ($18k)
  • ($3k)
  • Staking Rewards ($5.4k)
  • Video Production ($5,200)
  • Graphic & Web Design ($14k)
  • Twitter Contests ($24.8k)
  • Social Dashboard ($3,000)
  • NFTs ($2.5k)

Team Members (Past and Present)

Regular Contributors




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