End of Era Awards

To celebrate the end of era 2, we are planning a fun week of events, complete with contests and giveaways.

Let’s start with Halloween

The best of:

  1. Halloween Costumes. Yak themed costumes anyone?
  2. Spooky Artwork/drawings.
  3. Decorated Houses.
  4. Pumpkin Carvings.

The community will vote in Discord and each winner will get 5 YAXIS each.

Radio yAxis

We are looking at ways to also showcase some of our in-house musicians, like @Milark so let us know if you want to be involved.

We will also be introducing XP and levels, reorganizing channels so they are easier to use and reflect the DAO’s growing importance with some new topics.

Game Night

Details will be shared in Discord soon. Building up to the yAxis Metaverse that’s in development.


  1. Our most active participants in Discord or Telegram communities;
  2. Old timer awards, for learning new tricks;
  3. Most questions answered on ‘Ya Herd?’ and several more.

On Friday we will be announcing details related to a special “Pre-launch” POAP badge that will be redeemable to flex by active members of the DAO going forward.



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