DeFi Pulse AMA


Jakelynch Hello everyone and welcome! Today we have an exciting AMA with @Bobby | yAxis Project and MrMister | yAxis Project from yAxis! How are you both doing today?

What is yAxis?

Jake nice to hear about people stepping up like that so, can you give us an overview of what yAxis is?

yAxis Vision

Jake sounds like v3 is a huge update so we’ve talked a little about the past and the present, let me ask you about the future. What’s the long term vision for yAxis?

Value Add

Jake It’s a complex industry, but it’s definitely a competitive one. Could you talk a little about what you think makes yAxis a compelling project? In other words, what are it’s greatest strengths and how does it stand out from the competition?

Vault Mechanics

Jake Ok so let’s talk about some mechanics. How do yAxis vaults work?

New Features

Jake So you’ve mentioned a few of them already, but maybe you could put it into one message so that it’s easier for people to see: What are the new features of v3 that people should know about?


Jake You mentioned that the new token is built using the ERC 677 standard. Can you talk a little about what that is and why you’ve opted for that over a traditional erc20?


Jake makes a lot of sense, sure we’ll see a lot of that in the future then You also briefly mentioned a little about the emphasis on security. Given the history of exploits and hacks in the industry, can you talk about how you’re approaching security?


Jake I think that’s a difficult decision to make but always the right decision to make. A lot of the time this industry is overly focused on speed, but it sounds like your focus is on quality.

Why Convex and Alchemix?

What was the driver behind looking at Convex and Alchemix as projects to integrate in yAxis v3?

Token Support

Jake for sure How are you going to maintain token value, given the amount of inflation of yAxis token supply that will be created by staking rewards?


Jake Can you talk a little bit about the lend borrow feature plans as well as a potential yAxis stablecoin that was talked about a few weeks back?



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