Champions Table End of Era Awards

Era 2 is officially underway. While we’re eagerly looking forward to the launch of the Canonical Vaults, we can also look back fondly at Era 1: a successful token upgrade, explosive community growth, and some beautiful community-created yAxis merchandise to earn as prizes.

But there was no way actually get your hands on them yet… Until now. This is where the Champions Table finale comes in. And what better way to celebrate the end of an Era than with a special set of awards?

A quick refresher: the Champions Table is an initiative that is designed to reward early supporters of yAxis alongside the Great Harvest. This article serves as an update about past and current contests and includes instructions on how to participate in the End of Era awards.

Design Contests

The yAxis coin and hoodie are currently in production. Our thanks go out to @warwickd and @mmmm for producing the winning designs, and to the herd for taking part in the voting process. The designs in production can be seen in the image below (and yes, that’s a pair of horns on the hood!):

The deadline of the final contest, for Canonical Vault NFTs, was extended to the 22nd of July in light of the V3 launch delay. The voting round will commence shortly afterwards.

Don’t forget to submit your entry, if you haven’t already:

End of Era Awards

Onto the grand finale. In addition to being able to win a package with one of each of the designs mentioned above, we’re bringing one final round of rewards to the Champions Table. A set of exclusive NFTs was designed in collaboration with @MaFriendsArt specifically for those who did the impossible on-chain.

Every week, three Yax bulls that submit their wallet address and/or transaction id will get to claim a share of the loot based on specific on-chain criteria. Rules and instructions will be supplied in the #champions-hall channel on Discord.

Extra help will be available for those who aren’t too familiar with navigating Etherscan and other third party apps to find eligible transaction id’s, and plenty of time will be provided to allow even the busiest members of the herd to enter.

All in all, everyone will get a shot at victory! Competition over the first round of NFTs starts today. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Discord:

Hope to see you soon!



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