Champions Table Design Contest #2: yAxis Hoodie

The Champions Table is an initiative that is designed to reward early supporters of yAxis alongside the Great Harvest. One component of the Champions Table is a series of community-oriented design contests. This article concludes the first contest and lays out the rules for the second.

A recap of the first contest

The coin design contest ( was an astonishing success. We received an overwhelming amount of submissions, with some of the best ones coming in the very last minute. As difficult as the choice was, we managed to assemble a shortlist of 5 entries. These will be put up for a vote shortly.

Commencing the second contest

The second Champions Table reward will be a high-end yAxis hoodie. As with the coin, the winning design will come from the community.

To enter the contest, simply fill in the following form:


Selection Process

Once the form closes, the yAxis team and champions will make a pre-selection of up to 5 designs. These will then be anonymously presented to the community for a vote with a runtime of up to one week.


The creator of the winning design will receive the following prizes:

Questions? Feel free to ask in the #champions-hall channel on Discord:

Happy designing!



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